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Who We Are

who-we-are-lgGreat Lakes Growers is your local hydroponic grower of fresh, delicious, clean and nutrition-packed lettuces and herbs. We grow everything in our state-of-the art greenhouse using water, not soil. Why? Simply put, we believe the quality of hydroponically grown produce is superior.

With no chemical herbicides used in our processes, it’s better for both your body and the environment. Because our plants get the optimal amount of water and nutrients, they grow with more consistency and better quality while preserving resources in a shorter amount of time. And since we grow in a climate-controlled facility, everything is in season all year long. Finally, because our produce comes from right here in Ohio instead of being shipped from the Southwest U.S. or Mexico, it’s unbelievably fresh and tasty when it gets to your fork.

Great Lakes Growers, LLC
15145 Kinsman Road
PO Box 914
Burton, Ohio 44021

For sales inquiries or to locate a distributor:

John Bonner
(440) 834-0032
Email: bonnerj@greatlakesgrowers.com

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